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Fed Podeschi



As a naturopath and nutrition coach, I have helped many clients transition to a plant-based diet and helping people how to heal themselves. I am passionate about veganism, gut health, mental wellbeing, and natural remedies.

  • Qualified Naturopath, Nutrition Coach and trainer

  • Winner of the Health & Wellbeing Specialists of the Year 2020 - Cardiff & South Wales Prestige Awards

  • Registered products with the Vegan Society

  • Over 300 clients all over the world

  • Passionate about helping people fulfil their potential

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Meet My  Dream Team

Meet the amazing people that make all of the magic happen!

Management Team

Director and Naturopath 

Fed Podeschi

Fed is the founder of NaturAlly Fed and has worked tirelessly to create a new model of delivering information, expertise and experience around natural health and well-being - his main passion in life. He is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritional Coach, and Reflexologist. In his career he managed services for people with learning and physical disabilities, managed a partnership of charities helping older people, managed a discrimination law advice service for lesbian and gay people, set up and managed a charity helping LGBT people, and managed a charity supporting victims of domestic violence. He was also Honorary Consul for the Republic of San Marino in Wales and loves travelling and meeting people from all corners of the world.   Fed is always keen to get yo know people and to help them understand what they can do to achieve an amazing life.

Non-Executive Director

Dyfrig Davies

Dyfrig is Managing Director of Telesgop, a media company, and has vast experience in directing, producing and as an executive producer on live events and documentaries. He is the exec producer on Telesgop’s coverage of the Royal Welsh Show (over 4 days) every year for BBC Four and BBC Wales. He has been in charge over the past ten years on two prestigious and popular live broadcasts per year for S4C (totalling 18 hrs per year) – the ‘Cerdd Dant’ – cultural festival and the YFC ‘Eisteddfod’. He was the exec producer on the European Paralympic Championships held in Swansea for S4C. He has also directed, produced and has been an executive producer on BAFTA winning and nominated programmes and shortlisted for the John Grierson award for documentaries.

Non-Executive Director

Paul Williams 

Paul is the logistics director for Priority Freight - a leading global logistics company providing expedited transport services to the highest of standards to numerous market-leading international companies, across multiple industry sectors, above and beyond that of many other freight forwarding companies.

Founded in 1996, Priority Freight was established to provide unrivalled logistics and transport services, combined with the best possible customer experience. Our mission is to provide the fastest, most economical and time-critical global freight delivery, as your freight is our priority.

Non-Executive Director

Gerry Stacey

Gerry joined in August 2019 and has 30 Years FMCG experience gained with two of the world’s leading brands: Mars Confectionary and Coca Cola - where he was a Director for fifteen years. He was UK Trading Director for the wholesale Division, which at the time accounted for 50% of the companies UK gross profit. He was the UK representative for the European buying group at Makro, he worked on a supply chain project in the USA, managed three National Change management programs and chaired the UK route to Market review.

Customer Engagement Team

Engagement Team Leader and Homeopath

Amanda Clifford

Amanda, a Mum of two gorgeous daughters is very excited to be a part of Fed’s dynamic team.
She is passionate about building an online global community to help and serve the people to live their best life.

Amanda’s journey to wellness began 25 years ago after reading the lists of side effects from the medicines prescribed. She intuitively knew there was a better way and the silver lining came in the form of two wise aboriginal healers; a naturopath and an ethereal chiropractor.
Her background is in marketing, with a passion for personal development, spirituality, writing, sustainability through eco building, permaculture and regeneration.

Amanda is highly specialised and experienced and currently works as a Homeopath, Nutritionist, Fasting Coach, Energy Healer and Detox Specialist. She also practices as an Earth and Animal healer, Bio Resonance Practitioner, Plant, Flower and Crystal Alchemist amongst many other modalities.

Amanda also organises festivals and wellbeing events/retreats and caters (all vegan of course) for all kinds of wellness retreats.



Sally Jefferyes-White


Sally is a mum of 2 thriving daughters, a Qualified Naturopath with the School of Naturopathic Nutrition, and an Intuitive Health doTERRA Guide + leader, having spent previous years working as a Qualified Veterinary Nurse and pet sitter. Sally is passionate about many Health and well-being modalities and combines these into conscious Health coaching with a keen focus on women's Health and our cyclical nature.
Sally is also an experienced and established creator of plant based treats +raw cacao goodies! This has been a long love affair after it starting by the desire to create something Nutritious and delicious as a treat/sweet, energising snack for her daughters when they were toddler age. It also fed her creative flare. 
Truly feeling and experiencing these Health Tools and plant medicine coming together in unity with a creative passion make for a more flourishing nourishing lifestyle and Sally loves to share the combined Goodness from purity of Mother Nature, with guidance from herself to help support and empower others!  


Ruth Kenny

Ruth's great passion is to support others with their health challenges, and to ignite a sense of taking charge of one’s own health. Through natural means, she assist clients in finding the road to optimal health and the balance we each need to thrive. She has trained in a number of modalities including Naturopathic Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki. Ruth takes a personal approach, unravelling her client’s health history before selecting the best combination of disciplines to suit their needs. She studied Complementary Therapies at the University of South Wales, before becoming a Reiki Master. Through professional development she has amassed specialist knowledge of Palliative Care and Fertility and Conception. She is a Qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist through the School of Naturopathic Nutrition, and a registered and insured member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.​


Andrea John

As both a Primary and Secondary teacher of 15 years and a mum of three amazing children, Andrea has a real interest and enthusiasm in child health, development and well-being.  Andrea holds a B.A. in History and Politics, a PGCE, a diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, a diploma in Nutrition and a diploma in Naturopathy.She is very inquisitive by nature and loves to research natural health - something she really began to do with vigour in her 20's when she began experiencing endometriosis and fertility issues. Turning to natural remedies and plant-based living after reading and researching helped her to see how quickly her health could improve, she decided to retrain and become a therapist. This was really important to her, as her children had health issues which conventional medicine failed to really help. Fortunately, nutrition and naturopathy really made a difference to the health of all her family. 

Trainee Naturopath

Rhiannon Marston

Trainee Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath Holistic Childbirth Practitioner, Doula and Placenta Specialist Former Animal Nurse (medical and holistic). Rhiannon’s journey to natural health began around 20 years ago when she learned about the benefits of holistic therapies, healthy eating and detoxing. She went on to heal herself from a lifetime of health issues, such as asthma, seasonal allergies, IBS, Menorrhagia and severe migraine by becoming vegetarian, and later vegan, and replacing all her medications with natural alternatives. Rhiannon is a mum of 5 beautiful and healthy children, all born at home with only family and a Doula present - she is very passionate about natural birth and conscious parenting. Drawing upon her experience as a holistic childbirth educator and doula, in both medical and natural settings, she is very passionate about using natural health and healing to support families during their pregnancy, birth and parenting journeys. Rhiannon also loves animals, has many rescued pets and spent a decade working as an animal nurse alongside veterinary professionals and holistic therapists. 

Quality Assurance Officer

Emma George

Emma’s areas of particular specialism include workplace research and programme evaluation, nutrition, and resilience and stress management. She first began her formal training in naturopathic nutrition in 2013, and qualified as a naturopath in 2016. Following the birth of her son in her twenties she experienced a range of health complaints – low energy, hair loss, and low mood, and it was this that motivated her to investigate approaches to better levels of health and wellbeing that could not be found in the doctors office. After working 1-2-1 with a holistic nutritionist to successfully overcome the health complaints Emma passionately embarked on her formal naturopathic training. As a naturopath who has helped men, women, children and families overcome their health challenges, and restore their natural levels of energy and wellbeing, Emma is an advocate healing the body and mind naturally by understanding the root cause of problems and using food and lifestyle interventions to remedy those. Emma is a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development; a board member of the International Institute of Health Management and Quality; and a non-executive director of Cardiff Salad Garden.

Operations Team

Operations Manager

Jay Jones

Jay has 10 years experience in the retail sector and joined NaturAlly Fed to look after its operations and sales. Jay has turned vegan after meeting Fed and has experienced first-hand the amazing benefits of the work that NaturAlly Fed delivers. He is passionate about forming connections with likeminded businesses and always keen to explore joint ventures.

Operations Assistant

Imma Luciani

Imma has joined NaturAlly Fed to help with editing and publishing information, blogs, newsletters and our website. She is Italian and can also speak Spanish - so we will look to get our website translated soon so that we can reach out to more people with her help!

Marketing Team

Marketing Team Leader 

Kathy Chamberlain

Kathy brings her experience organising community events and mentoring people to make positive changes in their lives. She's keen to help the team spread the word about paths to greater health and wellness. Kathy also teaches English and Creative Writing, drinks lots of herbal tea and is always on the lookout for new vegan snacks.​

Campaigns Co-ordinator

Jemma Clifford

Jemma Clifford is an Actor and Artist. The majority of the work she has done consists of; Set Design, Acting and painting Murals. Having done some travelling and charity work in different parts of the world, she is passionate about promoting the preservation of the earths wild and natural places through activism. Being a strong believer in ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. She is also very passionate about health and wellbeing. Constantly outdoors, exploring and staying active, whether its rock climbing, yoga or swimming in the sea. 

Social Media Co-ordinator

Lauryn Clifford 

Social Media Co-ordinator

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I'm Fed

Armed with a Bachelor Degree in Business and Marketing, a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, a Diploma in Reflexology, a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, a Diploma in Naturopathy, and years of experience in clinical practice, Fed is a passionate champion for sensible, whole-food plant-based nutrition.


His refreshingly honest approach cuts through the wellness noise and helps his clients make real and sustainable change to their wellbeing.

Years before becoming a nutritionist and naturopath, Fed’s love of wholesome eating began back home in the Republic of San Marino. It was there, while helping his green-thumbed grandparents tend to their allotment and vineyard, that Fed developed a keen sense of connection to the land and where his food came from. And it was in the kitchen that his mum and grandmothers taught him to cook. From there, a love of good food was ignited.


In a clinical setting, as well as through years of public speaking, Fed has helped people unlearn years of restrictive, harmful, and fad-based eating behaviours. In their place, he instils the benefits of wholesome eating patterns and dietary diversity — with a focus on gut health, mental wellbeing and weight management.


NaturAlly Fed’s Premium Kombucha featured on a Welsh Food Programme as well as on The Times and he has also won Best Health and Wellbeing Specialist of the Year 2020 at the Cardiff and South Wales Prestige Awards.


Fed is the author of several ebooks and also hosted “In Bed with Fed - the naked truth about your health” - a talk show where he chatted to his guests about different health matter and about his kombucha. 


His expertise is effective, fun and cheekily delivered with his down to earth Italian-tinged charm.


Here's your chance to be a part of a likeminded community of motivated friends!


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